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Over here at Tan Lim Motor, besides our core business, we also strive to see to the other common needs & demands of the everyday motorist. Hence, we have the following at your service, summarized;

(a)    Vehicle Grooming & Paint Protection
(b)    Spray Painting Services & Specialized Effects
(c)    Air Con Services
(d)    Vehicle Rentals

Vehicle Grooming


Protect, Restore or Retain the shine of your car inside out! Over here at TLM, we provide our grooming services with premium Presta Products to achieve great after effects, dazzling shine & long lasting protection for your car paint work. From quick wax  to annual packages, from engine bay cleansing to interior cleaning & conditioning, its all done right here in our 42,000 sq. ft. premises.

  • Presta Sudzz™ Car Wash For The Absolute Optimal Removal Of Deposits, Stubborn Dirt & Stains.
  • Presta Wheel & Tire Cleaner for a Much Safer Alternative to Common Acid Wheel Cleaners with its Non-Hydrofluoric Formula for Clean & Bright Finish.
  • Presta Lite Cut Clay Process For Removal of Embedded Particles On The Paint Work.
  • Presta  1500 Polish  For the Meticulous Cleaning & Removal of Surface Imperfections & Paint Oxidation.
  • Presta Best Wax Sealant Creates a Dazzling Gloss & Color Depth on Finishes. Protects Against Acid Rain, Industrial Fallout, Bird Droppings, Tree Sap, etc. Seals Treated Surfaces for a Long Lasting Carnauba Wax Shine.
  • Full Interior Thorough Vacuum, Includes Carpets, Seats, Roof Lining,etc.
  • Presta Lubri-Suds™  Shampooing For The Maximum Removal Of Deposits, Stubborn Dirt & Stains on Fabric Seat Covers & Panels.
  • Presta Leather Cleaner for an Effective Penetration into Leather Pores to Remove Even the Most Stubborn Dirt, Grime & Other Soil. Restores Like-New Appearances to Leather & Leaves Surfaces Clean, Shiny & Film Free.
  • Presta Glass Cleaner, With its Clinging Foam Formula Dissolves Oily Soils & Stubborn Dirt for a Glass Surface Without Unsightly Films or Deposits.
  • Presta Radiant™ for a Natural Mat Gloss on Tires. Leaves no Greasy Film, will Not Streak or Blotch & Does Not Contain Any Silicone.
  • Presta Rubber Treatment Protection for Interior Detailing & Dressing of Dashboard, Door Panels, Door Seal Rubber & Other Plastic Surfaces. Works Great Even on White!
Paint Protection

TLM also offers an optional Paint Protection Package for newly painted cars which can minimize the painted surfaces of a vehicle from succumbing to strong UV rays ( discoloration ) & chemically reacting dust which can cause damage to clear coat surfaces. This will help to retain the shine at 90% of your original gloss for at least 3 years.

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