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Over here at Tan Lim Motor, besides our core business, we also strive to see to the other common needs & demands of the everyday motorist. Hence, we have the following at your service, summarized;

(a)    Vehicle Grooming & Paint Protection
(b)    Spray Painting Services & Specialized Effects
(c)    Air Con Services
(d)    Vehicle Rentals

Air Con Services

Most of us will agree that the Air Conditioner is one of the greatest must have inventions considering our local temperate climate & humidity. Automotive transportation with this luxury is very much a desirable method of commuting. However, a car with a faulty or non functioning air conditioning system can be like taking a shade under a camel in the Sahara.
Through our proper checks & maintanence for automotive air conditioning systems, we also take care of this great invention by keeping it going well & cool in your vehicle with the least possibilty of unscheduled breakdowns.

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