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Here at TLM, we also have the various after market products to optimize your vehicles performance & for the enhancement of your vehicles braking, stability, etc.

Super Pro Bushings

The Fulcrum Super Pro Bushings provide the ultimate requirement for a vehicles’ Safety, Performance and Handling. Made of Polyurethane, it has increased service life, alignment correction stability, unique resilient material vehicle solutions & superior handling. Available for most makes. Kindly check with our Service Advisors for availability for different makes and models.

For more detailed applications, kindly refer to the Super Pro online catalog

Denso Iridium Spark Plugs 

Utilizing the world’s smallest 0.4mm Diameter Iridium Alloy Electrode, the smaller electrode reduces sparking voltage & greatly improves firing, offering increased engine output & accelerator response. Denso Iridium spark plugs are available as Iridium Power, Iridium Tough & Iridium Racing. Available for most makes & models.

Refer to Spark plug application information



We give our customers’ a wide choice of selection of lubricants from Mineral engine oils to Fully Synthetic to the top of the line Esther Based engine oils. For your braking & clutch consumption, we have the regular use DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1 & all the way to the Super DOT 4 performance / racing fluids. Kindly consult our Service Advisers for a recommendation based on your requirements & preferences.





Cooling System 

Depending of different makes & models of vehicles, we have Radiators, Oil Coolers & Transmission Oil Coolers available. Increase fatigue life span of your Engine & Transmission parts under load & stress with Lower Lubrication Operational Temperatures.  



p5.jpg Hurricane Filters 

Hurricane Air Filter Element uses Japan's highest grade Stainless Steel for filter element. The uniform microscopic holes on Hurricane wire mesh ensures very consistent filtration and airflow. Thus allowing engines to breathe better as compared to the inconsistency airflow of cotton/foam filter. The filter element is strong and will not be easily shifted even under extreme pressure.

Refer to the link for the most Updated application guide


projectu.jpgProject MU

Project MU is a leading Japanese manufacturer of aftermarket brake related products. The range of Brake Kits, Rotors, Pads & Brake Fluids significantly enhances the stopping ability of a vehicle which is a vital enhancement to the overall driving safety. Project MU has a specifically categorised range for for Street, Street Sport, Race & Circuit to fully cater to every drivers' individual driving style & needs. Applcations for most japanese vehicles are available.

Kind contact our service adviser for further assistance or look up here for compatibility.


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