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Over here at Tan Lim Motor, besides our core business, we also strive to see to the other common needs & demands of the everyday motorist. Hence, we have the following at your service, summarized;

(a)    Vehicle Grooming & Paint Protection
(b)    Spray Painting Services & Specialized Effects
(c)    Air Con Services
(d)    Vehicle Rentals

Vehicle Short Term Rental or Long Term Leasing

rental.jpgAs we endeavour to provide our customers one-stop automotive solutions, courtesy / replacement car and car rental is immediately available at the same venue, through our supporting partner, Global Advance Leasing. The combined strength of our partner companies enable us to offer comprehensive automotive services to our customers.
We have a large fleet of vehicles comprising of different make and models available for rental or long term leasing at very competitive rates. For customers who send in their cars for accident claims, we will try to match and provide them with replacement vehicle of the same capacity / category. 

All rental cars are immaculately maintained  to the highest safety standards by Tan Lim Motor. 
For more information on car rental, please visit or contact +65 6100 0425.